Everybody wants a cure.

Those who are suffering from non treatable illnesses hope for a miraculous turn of events that somehow, will reverse their fates, and give them longer and healthier lives. Those who are involved in the frontiers of finding solutions for these non treatable illnesses want their own Eureka moment and to be awarded their Nobel Peace prize or any recognition that they have served humanity well. A cure for these non treatable illnesses will not only change the course of history, but will serve as another proof that we are capable of overcoming any hindrances and impediments that are thrown in our way, that we can achieve to heal and cure our way into having impeccable health not only now but also in the future.

Unfortunately, humans are and will always be on the verge of discovery. History has taught us that mankind will achieve a lot of advancements in health, in science, and in technology but not all of these discoveries come at a time when they are needed. We saw in history that most discoveries where happenstance, they all happened by chance, with a few exceptions of some cases of course. But majority were already looking for something else when they discovered what they have discovered and contributed largely to science and technology. This was back in the days when people need to have more than a thousand dollars in their pockets to be able to travel from the United States to another country not less than a month. Now, you do not need to possess a thousand dollars to be able to cross oceans and visit other continents. And researchers nowadays have the focus; have the ample technology and equipment that they need in order for them to find specifically what they need to find. The researchers involved in health and medicine, those who are trying to find remedies and cures have their focus set on the diseases that have no cure yet and who has a high mortality rate. These diseases include autoimmune diseases, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

We humans are in the midst of a time where we know we can achieve the impossible but at the same time we are aware that there are so many other things to explore and that everything will take time. This is because every day there are new things that we are all discovering and there are different circumstances for each discovery made and to be made. For example, the recent incident with the Ebola virus, which was only known to affect certain animals until a couple of months back, had an outbreak that left scientists and health organizations around the world researching and finding a vaccine to help those that are in dire need to get cured. There are certain illnesses like this one wherein the scientists and medical professionals were able to find a cure fast (fast is less than a year), compared to certain diseases that have plagued the world for years and yet nobody has ever come close to any cure. To what certain point we will wait for a cure, we can never tell. For all we know, there are existing cures being tested as you read this but has not been released to the public yet because of uncertain effects of these treatments.

What we do know is that people who are suffering from Illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and those autoimmune diseases are both giving them despair and a different meaning in their lives. For one, upon diagnosis of their diseases, most of these people are already expecting that they be given a prognosis as to how long they will be able to live. After knowing about their “deadline” some people choose to try to lengthen it more by undergoing several treatments known to prolong lives that are affected by these diseases. Some get an extension of as long as years while others just get some get months. Others choose not to undergo any optional treatment to prolong their lives. Whether or not these people choose to extend their remaining days on earth does not affect their newfound goal to give these remaining days a new meaning. Some find it a must to have love, others spend as much time with their families and friends, a few people give up their lives to travel and see the world, others join causes that make their last days worthwhile. Whatever it is that these people choose to do, one thing is for sure, and their illnesses have definitely changed their lives.

For those who have wanted to find meaning, they do so by reaching out to people with whom they share the same untreatable diseases. The things that they experience, and everything that they can relate to, is something that people who do not possess these diseases will never know about. They find love in places where other people do not even dare reach inside. We have also witnessed this kind of connection being written in books and acted out in films. It is an important time in their lives that they are able to reach out to someone and connect with them in a way that nobody else will understand. The support of the family in this kind of love should be given because there are just certain things that only people with the same diseases can understand. But this is not something that should be a negative thing, this friendship or love should be celebrated and accepted. There are many support groups, organizations, and online friendship and dating sites that support this cause. The importance of which is monumental.

Whether there will be a cure tomorrow or four years from now, as human beings, we have always believed and have always had faith, not in medicine or science alone but also on this cosmic power that we view as religion or as some of us believe in the power of the universe. Whatever mankind chooses to put their faiths on especially in the need to find a cure is something that is unique to the individual alone. We should therefore respect this and join in the prayers of hoping for a cure but at the same time, celebrating life and love with them.